September 25, 2010

Lights! Camera! Fashion Week!

Hello darlings! I've finally gotten the time to write to you all about Fashion Week's smashing shows and amazing displays of art.  Rather than discuss and dissect every single designer, I will go through the one's I most appreciated! I've only managed to get about half-way done (and the designer list just keep growing) so check back for more of Fashion Week reviews (and the other part of the alphabet) later! All pictures, quotes and links can be found at
I absolutely adored the bold colors of Alexandre Hecrchovitch, whose head-to-toe color-coordinated accessorizing was NOT a faux-pas.  I loved his collection!  It was inspiring and something that could be a chic Spring, or it could be too over-the-top (though Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani could sport the look well).

Altuzarra had interesting cut-outs and patterns, bearing resemblance to a Picasso painting. 

Badgley Mischka had a very feminine feel, with similar 70's inspired looks and die-cut trims and wide pants.  Cher will go crazy for it.

There was only one look I liked from Betsey Johnson, and that's because it made me think of cupcakes :)

BCBG Max Azria was a classic Spring Collection: nudes, sheers and lace. Nothing particularly special, unfortunately, though the author of the article seemed to praise the minimalism, I find that it just shows lack of creativity to produce a more interesting line. The two peices below were the only ones that weren't entirely boring. (If you are really interested in some "minimalism" that doesn't look like a large white t-shirt dress, try viewing the collection of Costello Tagliapietra.)

To me, however, I felt I could get a better quality garment with more versatility, more style, and more interest from Behnaz Sarafpour. Glancing through their slideshow, I could immediately identify pieces I'd rather have, accessorize with, and style rather than BCBG. There is a definite feeling of fresh chicness, a classic and trendy vibe, all at once. It was SoHo meets Beverly Hills.

As far as Christian Siriano, I have definitely fallen in love with the exotic looks he always brings to the table,  I have always appreciated the designer for the work he did on Project Runway and his obvious sewing talent and imagination.  I do also love the looks, and find them wearable and fabulous, especially his white and tan combos. The colors are so classic spring/resort, but with his twist, become new again.  I have a fashion crush.

Diesel Black Gold was a rustic, caveman look, a tribal edge this spring. The leather and suede combos were very striking with well defined edges, and the palette of browns and dark colors is unusual for spring.  I did love the combination of the hard leather with soft ruffles; that contrast will be a crowd-pleaser. And the embossed, destroyed leather? Be still, my heart!

DKNY: the show transition was practically flawless. I saw each and every piece transform before my eyes into the next; it was pure magic, experienced only by the viewer themselves. Take a look. The patterns turned to ruffles turned to suits turned to skirts! It was a stunning show, and I must say, I am a big fan of this bright Superman Blue this spring. Absolutely Gorge!

Eli Tahari's khaki palette and metallic skirts had me going crazy! I love the cognac color for a pop in a belt, it's been a spring 2011 must-have so far! There was something of Grace Kelly in the air, with the glasses, the black wide-leg pants, sunglasses and hoodie combo was something straight out of High Society. So if you favor modeling a Monacan Princess, do invest in Eli Tahari next season.

Elise Overland had some interesting asymmetrical looks, but I had a feeling I would be spotting some celebrities in these little black numbers sometime soon, the lace and ruffles provide a "modest extreme" for some.

Fashion East. I don't know where to begin. The subtle classic, such as a blazer or pants, were paired with extreme touches of ruffles, full-length skirts with tutu's; it was a sight to behold for sure.

Two words: Fashion. Fringe. Oh my. Finally!
 There were two reasons I fell in love with this show: 1. FF founder Colin McDowell began a contest to see what up and coming or undiscovered talented designer was capable of representing themselves in a Fashion Show, and gaining exposure. 2. He chose three finalists and showed each collection, rather than just one. I was beyond excited for each of the three collections, each stunning and exciting in it's own personal way. The first collection by Alice Palmer showed the world that you really can use something over and over and over again and still be able to make it different.  The same pleated fabric in different style and colors and patterns. It was magnificent. The second collection by Jade Kang was structured, vibrant, and feminine. HE is what fashion week should have been across the board.  (I have a new fashion-crush). The final (and "winner" of the contest) went to Corrie Nielson's collection of "Georgian Satires". The pieces were a mockery of French and English aristocrats. Big hair, structured and corseted garments. [To me] It was a snooze compared to the previous designers, not because I can't appreciate the hard work that went into the construction, but because I have seen it somewhere, sometime before by another designer (Vivienne Westwood, anyone? I know copying is the nicest form of flattery, but sheesh!).  Oh well, still a very noteworthy and commendable show by Mr. Colin McDowell, a designer who is not all about himself.

 Francesco Scognamiglio was something I've seen before too, think Viktor & Rolf from a few seasons ago; the sleeves, the ruffles, the sheers, the colors even, were very V&R. But what is old is always new again, so that would be the case with FS. There were some noteworthy pieces, but don't get too excited, it will only show again from some other designer in a few seasons from now.

Gucci had an amazing show! Something to look at each and every time, a spectacle of the eyes, a feast for the mind, an itch in my wallet to spend on these gorgeous pieces! It seems spring will bring a combination of feathered-textures, metal hardware, and sequins galore! A bit of a dominatrix look for the spring could pose interesting. Somehow, I also see influence from Japan in the designs, anyone else? (You must look at this show yourself darlings, I won't spoil it with pictures!)

Bottega Veneta was what BCBG Max Azria could have been (or has been before?). The lines were tailored, yet drapey, flowing effortlessly from peice to piece.

Halston was magnificent, everytime I went to the next picture and the next, I found something better.  A tropical paradise of tangerine and lemon hues and water-based prints, the collection from Halston this spring is runway, yet wearbale.  The draped shoulder/skirt look took me an island where I was forced to construct my clothing with little to no sewing. 

Anna Sui had a fringe-tastic assortment of Western-Inspired wear, nothing but country patterns, denim, crocheted lace, and boots, a magical arrangement inspired by the movie Days of Heaven. I have not seen this movie, but this spring line is definitely heavenly, and I wholely embrace it. I especially loved the sparkling wheat-field backdrop, and the smiling faces on the girls.  They looked apple-pie American and delicious enough to sink my hungry fingers on. 

Douglas Hannant was a delightful surprise, combinging structured organzas and crinolins with chantilly lace and pastels, a combination and palette the designer proclaims was similiar to "a bag of jelly beans dumped on a white tablecloth." I see cupcakes more, but potato, potato.


Holly Fulton was a surprise of cultures; there was something romantic about the collection.  It started as an African (or Egyptian?) Paradise of prints, tribal neclaces and earrings, and feathers featured everywhere.  Then it transformed into something Klimt-esque with a Russian/German influence, finally settling on Art-Deco like clouds, a dreamy mist of something now gone. 

And a few honorable mentions: (so far, my favorite and most exciting has been Jeremy Scott)

Basso & Brooke has an interesting representation of patterns and colors. D&G had a retro display of gingham checks and floral prints for the new season. Burberry Prorsum was all about neon accent colors.
Diane Von Furstenburg had some very sailing-savy looks, a polished-patterned trend I could see catching on with a wide variety of age groups.And there was something of McQueen in the air at the Jeremy Scott show, perhaps even more Andy Warhol, a statement of the times and places we are in right now.

Come back for more soon, darlings, I promise! Ciao for now!

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