September 13, 2009

To Do List

From time to time, I must come to this blog to publicly announce my intentions. Today, I will abuse this idea to the extreme.

To Do List for the Next Four Months:

1. Finish five garments.

2. Lose ten pounds and keep it off.

3. Consider vegetarian for a while.

4. Fix Posture (sit up straight!)

5. Learn French.

6. Invest 500 dollars (of money I don't really have) in the stock market.

7. Research stocks and investment ideas.

8. Learn how to save, recycle, and renew=go green.

9. Learn enough about web design to customize website.

10. Realize that if people aren't seeking you, you should not seek them.

11. Keep in touch with friends through means other than facebook.

12. Research more about writing a book.

13. Begin writing said book.

14. Look for a full time job.

On a side note, I would like to mention, I was just called "devastatingly gorgeous" by an acquaintance I met for about two hours in California.

I would also like to mention a side note about my mother that I have observed before, but never wrote down. It is a beautiful habit for my mother at every meal out after she finishes eating to set her napkin down, shuffle through her purse, extract a tiny makeup bag and pull out a classic 1950's shade of red. She carefully removes the top, twists the tube, and reveals the curled tip of the lipstick; it is shaped this way from the way she applies it, very firmly on one side only. She expertly lines her lips without the aid of a mirror, presses her lips and rubs them together, and twists the tube--one handedly--and with the other hand, places the top back on. It amazes me both as a non-lipstick wearer, and as a female, I am utterly impressed. Trivial though it may be, I really appreciate how nostalgic my mother is.

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