October 26, 2010

You are now entering...The Fashion Zone

"Welcome to a world where there are no rules, mind and imagination are completely uninhibited; the fifth element is: fashion."

Darlings! I've missed you! I've been thinking of fashion ideas, to keep myself and you amused! I have actually come up with an impromptu and small concept of starting a non-profit organization to provide clothes for the homeless in a very unique way.  I'm working on it, we shall see what happens! I've also been very busy acquiring excellent classic pieces for my wardrobe, such as a black wool skirt for those cold winter days, some basic graphic tees, and of course, the all purpose, all fabulous, all amazing SPERRY'S! Yes, I finally did manage to get some, and I must say, they are quite amazing; comfort beyond comfort, and quite elite.

Speaking of the "elite", the newest trend showing up around town seems to be the "minimalist" trend.  This is one that I scorned when first viewed at the 2010 NY Fashion Week Collection by BCBG Max Azria.  However, I have had a somewhat change of heart; the idea of a clean palette, a new beginning emerges.  The solid colors translate strength, unity, and wholeness.  This kind of holistic approach to wearing fashion has me feeling the trend's vibe, and the best part is I can use the pieces I already have.  But, if you are seeking an excuse for some new purchases, go ahead and explore some of the minimalist fashions over at Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, and, of course, BCBG Max Azria

And here's something that I have been wanting to post for a while now: you see these shoes?  Well, I have seen these, and ones like them, all over the retail world lately, and for prices anywhere between $500-$1000.  I know that most probably don't have that kind of cash to spend, but there is an easy, cheap and crafty solution to this dilemma: make them yourself! It's very easy! All you need is a pair of tweezers, Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestones (from mjtrim.com) an iron, and some help from an old pair you want to jazz up or a brand spanking new pair you want to class up, the choice (and budget) is yours!

Pics from BlueFly.com
1. First, begin by concentrating on the placement of the stones.

2, Apply Swarovski Rhinestones by using the tweezers to carefully lay the flat side of the gem against the hot iron for approximately three seconds (this is done to warm the glue up) then place the gem in the position you want.

3. Repeat and wear! Style them however you'd like and wear with pride! You just saved yourself about $500.

P.S. This idea can also be used for you LBD or LBP (Little Black Purse).  Just don't wear all your bejeweled pieces together, Barbie's anniversary was last year.

Fashionably Yours,
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