April 14, 2010

Naturally Beautiful, and a little Urban

While trolling the internet the other day, I came upon some very beautiful fashionable finds with nature in mind! Take a look, these have really inspired me in my own drawings!

These pics come from the Georgia Varidakis shop on Etsy.com They are all stunning and I can't wait to own one one day!

Just gorgeous, handcrafted pieces! Check their shop for much more!

I would also like to note my passion for the website thefashionables.com, as it is filled with stunning pictures and fun articles. Check out the one on the 15 Outrageous Shoes for 2010. I still can't get over Alexander McQueen's; they will blow your mind.

Oh, and if you haven't heard, Urban Outfitters in their last days of their famous $5 Sale; if you have been lusting over tights and hose (like I have lately, thank you very much American Apparel) UA has the best options for your budget this sale. Check out the fun prints I found (and will probably purchase). PS: Check the $2.99 sunglasses and $4.99 stockings, sweet deal!!

Photos from Urban Outfitters.com

That's all the fashion finds I have today, more "closer looks" to come soon! <3

April 11, 2010

Glitter Is Always Girly

As someone who has breached many different job avenues--fast food, customer service, collections--none have affected my thoughts on the female sex like my time spent in retail. I have seen women make very many fashion faux-pas, but probably the most common mistake I encounter is women who think glitter is only for pre-teens and rock stars. This cannot be further from the case. Here is what I tell women who are just completely overwhelmed at the idea of wearing anything with glitter:

Glitter is Always Girly.

Now, let me set up some guidelines for that statement.

1. Glitter is lots of fun, but don't go overboard. Choose one piece on your person--shirt, shoes, headband, bangle, clutch, etc.--that contains glitter. Repeat: only one piece.

2. Glitter can be worn in makeup--bronzer, eyeshadow, lip gloss--but see guideline 1, choose only ONE and make the rest matte. You don't want to look like Barbie on steroids.

3. Glitter is never, ever to be purchased or used in the form of a powder-shimmer duster. This looks very millennium, very tacky, and very cheap. If you simply cannot live without it, only use the shimmer as a way to highlight muscles or accentuate your collar bone.

4. Glitter may be substituted for other sparkly things, like jewelry. ;)

Here are a few examples of my favorite things:

J. Crew Crushed Belt, Wallet, Headband, and Christian Louboutin Shoes: (photos from J.Crew.com, harpersbazar.com, and bleudame.com)

And if you're going with makeup with glitter, I love any Sonia Kashuk's collection for Target, in Showstopper. (Photos from poshmom.com)

That's all I can fit in for now! I will write more fashionable comments later, loves!

April 7, 2010


Hello fashion darlings! I have many new fabulous finds for style-savvy minds. For starters, I just visited this lovely vintage store, stocked to the brim with one-of-a-kind finds in jewelry, shoes, clothes, and hats. It was impossible to take it all in on one visit. From owl-necklace monocles to 1920's-and-beyond dresses, this store packed a visual punch!

Nestled between two unsuspecting stores along Sunrise Blvd. near the heart of Fort Lauderdale lies Jezebels Vintage and clothing shop, full of girly treasures and feel-good finds. The store was laid out with a visual feast for your eyes at every turn; I need to return just to make sure I didn't miss anything (which, for a fact, I know I did: my favorite piece was an owl necklace monocle, jeweled with beautiful blue stones). My other favorite piece was found at another fun boutique store, called Francesca's, located at the Galleria Mall in Sunrise, a little further down from Jezebel, and it was a critter tape-measure/pin cushion. It was delightfully crafty and kitschy. As a designer, a two-for-one package is something we are hard-pressed to pass up on. The company that designs them, Natural Life , also makes button rings, seen hereI am very eager to try my own hand at doing this, my button jar contains some of the most beautiful buttons, vintage and new!

For spring, I have become a big fan of natural inspirations to help update my wardrobe with color and pattern (something I was notoriously lacking this past fall). But, thanks to J.Crew, Victoria's Secret, and Target, I have been fortunate to find some animal prints without cutting into my budget. So, if you're looking for ways to really get excited about spring and summer, throw one of these on, it's impossible to feel anything but fabulous in any of these finds.
Shoes: Target, $17.99, Swimsuits; Victoria's Secret PINK collection, $15.50-$49.50; Shirt and Scarf: J.Crew, $34.50- $69.50.

That's all for now, fashion babies! On to more projects! Speaking of which, here's my try at the button ring: it was fun, fast and easy to make: all you need is a few buttons (any shapes, sizes are ok and mix and match colors for a funky look), grab a thin piece of elastic band (approximately 1/4" in width) and measure a small piece around your finger. Cut that length with a little extra to overlap by simple hand stitching (could also be done on the machine for a quicker method) and once the elastic ring is sewn, sew through all the buttons through one hole, and down another. Try using button thread if you have it, it's sturdier. If not, just double the string before you start. When you're done, knot it a few times and viola! A fun, fast, easy accessory that you added to your own wardrobe!
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