December 27, 2011

The Fashion Monocle's Monocle

Given as a present from my sister, I, The Fashion Monocle, have finally acquired a monocle in which to better study fashion. Below are a few photos with my new monocle, and thus begins a relentless dissection of fashion faux pas, designer digs, and savvy styles. Beware retailers and party-goers alike!

Speaking of parties, it was seen at a particular Christmas party a fantastic Erin Fetherston jumpsuit, with plunging neckline and ruffled collar. Worn by the host, it was a must have for any upscale affair, liable to drive most to jealousy, and some to admiration. I chose the latter, but it was a shame to see some succumb to the first.

That is all for now, fashion dears, but I will write again soon!

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