September 11, 2011

FW & FNO in NYC!

Darlings! I am fresh back from a fashionable week (and some very fashionable spending) in NYC. I have been busy with shopping all over, and have some great fashion finds!

First off, let's delve right into my latest finds at Kate Spade. The purse powerhouse packed a pretty punch on my wallet, but I definitely walked out of the store a winner! I was able to scoop up three purses and a pair of shoes all for less than $400.  I love the colors Kate Spade has to offer, and adore even more their fun and funky fashion sense. Their winter collection online is adorable, my favorite find below:

Next, I was able to snag some superb steals on several beautiful new dresses. I found new love with the color purple and Aiden Mattox, as well as a blinding color packed combo of blue and green with a number from Express. While at Express, I was also able to snag a new one-shouldered dress, something I'm infamous for wearing, and was also able to score a fun new frock from Forever 21

Now, with all this wonderful spending, who could forget about jewelry? Not this girl. While doing some light shopping in Florida before and then again during New York, I was more than pleasantly pleased with my purchases. Just take a look below to see what I was able to snag from places like Bebe, Bloomy, and Forever, with a few more pieces from a store in NY I stumbled across. Even though I was in NY for one day, I definitely made the most of my time there. 

And now let's discuss for a moment some new finds in the world of makeup. I normally don't go too crazy with snatching up all sorts of makeups, but after perusing the Maybelline aisle (which, I confess, is my go-to makeup brand), I couldn't resist whipping out my wallet. If you are in the market for new eyeshadows and liners, try a new palette from the Eyestudio Color Explosion collection. These gems will glam up your eyes before you can say "Goodness Gracious." The secret behind these statement shadows? A stronger pigment impact (think MAC cosmetics), followed by a luminous iridescent shade you sweep over your eyes after applying the color. The result? A stunning shadow show for all to see! 

After you apply shadow, think about your next move, liner. May I recommend my new favorite liner? Maybelline MasterDrama Liner, a click-stick style liner that will leave you stunned. It applies smooth, and won't leave you freaking out in the morning wondering where your pencil sharpener ran away to (I don't speak from personal experience). And when you are ready to finish it all off with the Master of Impact, the Mother of Drama, the Vixen of Vivid, Mascara, then I recommend The Falsies Flared Volume Express Mascara. It is sensational. If you want to make an impact with your eyes, I recommend the combination of ALL of these fun finds, you will not be disappointed. 

I also wanted a quick note on nail polish: try Face Stockholm in One-Hundred Thirty-Two. There is no picture that will do this justice, you are just going to have to trust me, when I saw it I was blown away. 

Now, on to my Fashion's Night Out! It was superb, running around the city with everyone else who was interested in fashion or a free drink. At one point, I believe we were in Armani or Kenneth Cole, and the whole store was literally a night club: there was a bar, a DJ, and a ton of dancing going on. It was by far the best way to sell clothes ever. I don't believe we saw anyone famous, but I think we saw a Victoria's Secret Angel. The streets were literally packed with people who were dressed to impress, and a good time was generally had by all. It was definitely a night I will not forget, thanks to my friend Ashley. It definitely was not the same, however, without our partner in crime, Meaghan, who was unable to attend. (Next year, Meaghan!)

Last but not least, a mention to online shopping, an addiction I have regrettably taken up. It seems websites like ideeli and Gilt are too much of a temptation, have I have become a recent stalker on their websites, checking into new sales every day. I don't regret, however, the new pieces I have picked up, pictured below:

Besides shopping, these online retailers have opened the door for more designer exposure that you might not otherwise come into contact with.  For example these adorable little shoes I was not before acquainted with, but will now be more aware of from Poetic License

That's it for now, darlings! Stay Fashionable!

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