November 28, 2011

Kate Spade Love Affair

It's the magic that surprise offers. Something unexpected. You are impressed, intrigued, and inspired. That, my fashion darlings, is the fascination of Kate Spade. With a style I would describe as an eclectic mix of the classic side of J.Crew, fresh colors of Anthropologie, and a fun touch of Urban Outfitters, it isn't surprising that Kate Spade is the lifestyle brand is has become. The brand offers a fresh way to re-evaluate your everyday objects. It is a company constantly in reinvention, which is quite difficult for a brand dubbed as "classic" by the CFDA. In my perspective, it is the Andy Warhol of modern fashion, providing people with a new way to look at the Kate Spade version of the can of soup. When a design becomes one of the few that is affordable enough to own, but not common enough as a bunch of serif C's on a purse, there is a chic factor created, a stir of excitement.

Some of the oh-so-fun styles Kate Spade has to offer.

While they are a popular brand, Kate Spade offers a feeling of exclusivity thanks in part to the company's minimal print advertising.  Purely online, viral advertising has proved successful at creating the Kate Spade world at But for many, Kate Spade is still a well known secret amongst enthusiasts, creating a feeling of exclusivity for owners and purchasers alike.  Suddenly you are enveloped in a sorority where recognition from fellow Kate Spade owners is as exciting as a note passed in school. And you walk away with a feeling like you are a celebrity for being recognized on the street, and who hasn't envisioned themselves famous?

The ad campaign to "Give Colorfully"

Kate Spade is one of the few brands that teaches us to appreciate the everyday and find beauty and fun in the smallest objects. If you still have any questions, check out the prizes you can win, the blog, and the shop. That's all for now, darlings.

Stay Fashionable--FM
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