May 12, 2011

My NY Adventures!

Hello Lovies! My fashion adventures have taken me to NY (my yearly anniversary with the city) to have a chance to interview with J.Crew! It was a very interesting experience, but I kept waiting to spy Mickey Drexler on his bike, circling the office.  I did however have a chance to see the Crewcuts Kids come and model for the catalog and OMG are they adorable. I also was able to sneak a peak at one of the rooms, covered with shoes they were either working on, inspired by, or found vintage for the upcoming seasons.  And the view...oh my. Yes, I was a nerd and took photos. Because, for no other reason, I just wanted to remind myself I actually went there. :)

The rest of the time in NY, I was of course at my favorites like Dylann's and Canal (where I snatched up fake LV; my friends at Marc Jacobs would be very upset). This time, however, when in Canal Street, I was quite upset that many of the Asian vendors for fake handbags were being put out of business by a group of Nigerian men on the street with luggage-fulls of counterfeit wares.  I was a little disappointed because some of my fun had indeed been ruined; I enjoy the secretive nature of going into hidden walls and blacked out vans. 

And without my friend Meaghan, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore much of Brooklyn, where vintage stores, cute delis, and fun people are abound. There is definitely a youthful vibe about the city, and it was a nice change from the seriousness of Manhattan.  And without my friend Meaghan, I wouldn't have found my way around the city, or any of my fun accessories I purchased from H&M. :)

From what I gathered about NY fashions, they are all dressed fabulously head to toe...but they were all shopping at the same stores. Everyone seemed to me to be of the mindset of Urban Outfitters and J.Crew.  It was nice, but also a little boring. Maybe I was hanging out in the wrong areas, but I was looking for the exciting extreme fashions I am oft to imagine in NYC. But, maybe they have just yet to be created ;)

Ok fashion dears, I have to fly, but wish me luck and I will be back soon to discuss more fashionable findings!

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