July 6, 2010

Internships, Couture, and Creativity

For the past few weeks, I have been very occupied with enjoying the summer heat and doing all of my favorite summer activities, like swimming, eating, and playing outdoors. I know the world of fashion has been very active lately, and I have the perfect way to catch up from my hiatus: Christian Dior Haute Couture. Stunning, flower-inspired looks from head to toe. The lines of the dresses, the vibrant colors, the combination of soft and hard fabrics; these are the fashions that can be appreciated by all.

Another flowery gem I stumbled upon on my latest visit to Etsy.com: these beautiful shoe accessories.

A brilliant way to jazz up shoes without having to buy a brand new pair. I was so intrigued by this idea that I searched the site for "shoe accessories."
With 8,633 items, I found more than a few pretty petals for shoes. There are these by Etsy seller zawnbo, which would look fabulous with any of the Dior Haute Couture dresses.

While haute couture is not for everyone, I have found in my month's absence after doing an internship that my style is naturally couture. I have realized this after repeatedly being told that my designs were "too runway" and "too high fashion" from someone who designs ready-to-wear. This discovery only brings me that much closer to realizing my dream and goals and what it is I have to accomplish. I have come to the understanding that I can't start working for someone who does not appreciate my ideas and more detailed designs. I want to work for someone who is trying to inspire thousands, not hundreds. I want to work for someone who can say "yes" to an idea, not shut it down without a second thought. I want to work for someone who knows about fashion, who knows about sewing, and who knows that you have to take risks, not regurgitate the same look fifty times over. I want to work for someone who doesn't try to build themselves up by demanding everyone around them speak in the same hyperbolic language to reassure themselves of a good idea. And most of all, I want to work for someone who doesn't steal good ideas from other designers. That, my dear reader, is the biggest insult of all to designers and fashion.

There is nothing more cowardly than the conformist.
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