October 7, 2009

Kick it, Barbie!

I saw this and instantly had to post it. I came across it while Googling Barbie, I've actually found myself becoming more and more inspired by her with my fashions. I have been taking a look back lately and have realized I was inspired so much by my childhood things, more than I realized; for example, I draw a lot of styles are reminiscent of Barbie's fashions or of Sailor Moon's. It is very interesting how innate my inspiration has become. Check out these pics and how other designers have found Barbie to be inspiring:

Interesting, eh? In other news, I was told today to "kick it up a few notches, be patient, and be open" by my friend Michael. I suppose there is always some room for improvement. But in some weird sense he is always right. Oh well, back to the sewing machine...

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