May 25, 2010

Popsicle Summer

Summer: it is a favorite time of year for fashion: everything is bright, cheery, and carefree. It is the time of year when people can wear as little as possible, and technically get away with it. Summer is the time of year to sweat, eat sweets, have bbq's, run around outside, go to the beach, and experience adventures. Everything is bright, fun and youthful!

As you may guess, I am a big fan of bold colors, and since I work in retail, I have many opportunities to experience those colors; check out the latest and greatest looks!

Shirts from Old Navy

Bathing suits: Victoria's Secret/
Blue Suit: Versace/
Tote: Marc Jacobs/
Cardigan: J.Crew/
Red Blouse: Banana Republic/
Tights: American Apparel/
Plaid Dress: Forever21/
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters/
Shirts: Old Navy/

Also, check out the June issue of Glamour Magazine for more ideas, they really nailed the beach look this summer, especially the electric looking eyes and nails! (I've really become a fan of Glamour, I never realized how many ideas are inside each issue!)

Have fun and experiment this summer! I've noticed I've become more prone to mixing and matching outfits from my closet, pulling ideas from old and new trends. Try mixing color combos for more variety and different looks; it will extend your wardrobe and make more of a fashion statement.

More to come! Look for a "Do-it_yourself" summer project to post soon!


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