September 2, 2010

Falling for Fashion: Fall Trends

As I sit here, listening to my David Bowie in the early morning, I have nothing but fashion on my mind. Boots, boat shoes, and yellow pumps are just some of my latest lusts for this season. And since I have managed to scoop up every September issue of magazines, the trends have inspired me to seek out some exciting future purchases.

For my latest obsession on boots, I hit up my favorite shoe sites, including, and, and while their selection was more than enough of a feast for the eyes, I still wasn't seeing exactly what I was looking for. I then somehow got led to, where my boot craving was more than satisfied. The plethora of boots, from ankles to knee-highs and even a cute pair of Welley's had my fingers itching to click "buy."

Speaking of itches, my second love and lust has been for boat shoes, which of course Sperry has managed to successfully provide, as well as this little number from Amazon, available in both pink and blue.

My lust goes further with shoes, to desire a pair of yellow pumps, sure to stun and excite every outfit I can imagine in my wardrobe. I have found a gorgeous pair from Christian Louboutin, but they aren't "quite" what I was looking for. Something with more height, more yellow. The search continues.

And to continue on in the whole yellow obsession phase, I have been craving a yellow and black plaid shirt, similar to the one seen at Target, but think slightly bigger, more boyfriend-fitted.
Black and yellow also makes a come-back in my bathing suit style with this little reversible number, once again seen at Target. Add a yellow scarf and you can complete my yellow-lust phase for this fall.
The trend this fall, seen cover to cover in all September issues this month, has been for camel-colored items. It looks fantastic in a trench, amazing in a skirt, but mostly, I adore it in a messenger bag. Glamour magazine this month highlighted "The New Messenger Bag", particularly in the gorgeous camel color, whose history with women has stemmed back from the days of WWII and woman's military uniforms. I have found a similar style in the Etsy seller Chicleather's purse seen here.

The color and style is perfect, exactly what I had in mind. If you don't want all the size, another great option from Amazon includes this small Nine West Bag. The price is very right for this one, and is a great accessory to travel.

As far as fall beauty goes, orange lips, purple shadows, and teased poufs were a smash on runways and beauty books. Try them if you dare. from

Also seen on the trend's list for fall (and runways world-wide) were cut-off jean shorts, a back-to-school must and all around essential. Not only are runways sporting the look, but so were readers pictured in Marie Clare, In-Style, and Glamour to name a few. The great thing about this trend is that you can experiment in so many ways. Take a pair of old jeans or hit up your local GoodWill and find a pair you can't resist (the worn-in look was most popular). Be open to patches, stitching, or colors that can make your pair unique. If you can't find the right shade, try bleach or cloth dye (found at your local craft store). Then, grab some scissors and get cutting! The length is all up to you, so whatever is most comfortable is the most fashionable. from

My fashion forecast for spring: jewel-encrusted chain purses. Small, in particular. Keep a fashionable eye out. I'll leave you darlings with a smart and savvy quote from Tim Gunn from this month's Marie Clare: "[On wearing business attire] You're navigating a world where you need to have your wits about you. If you're in a lackadaisical comfort haze, you can't be engaged in the world the way you need to be."


  1. I agree with absolutely everything here :DDD

    i just recently purchased the cutest pair of black boots for fall :DDD

    great post

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