September 16, 2010

Fashion's Night Out! FNO Tank Contest! And Fall Fashion Week Updates!

Hello darlings! First off, I would like to thank everyone that entered the FNO Tank Contest! The winner was randomly selected from a hat with everyone's name on it. Congratulations to the winner, Ashley Vasquez from Washington State University (I am waiting for her to give me permission to post her winning picture, that's why the post is kinda late). Congratulations again, Ashely, and thank you to everyone who entered, followed, or "Liked" The Fashion Monocle on Facebook! (If you didn't "like" it, you have a chance to now!:

And on to Fashion Week! First of all, I hope everyone had a spectacular Fashion's Night Out, or were at least fortunate enough to catch the Vogue Presentation of FNO last night on CBS.  (If not, follow this link, even if you did attend FNO!) The actual night was exhilarating: impromptu fashion shows, models, half-naked women and men walking around, and, of course, free food, fun and goodies were all apart of the magic of FNO.  As previously stated, I ventured to Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida, just north of Miami.  I attended with my mom and sister, and our first stop of the night was (inadvertinely) Kenneth Cole.  I passed by the store and saw they were selling FNO Gear, so I stocked up on one for my winner and me! Kenneth Cole was offering a free tote with every purchase,

and had wine and cheese to sample, as well as a photo op with your favorite Kenneth Cole saying.  I posed with one that read "Still Undiscovered."

All too-true is that saying and I only hope my desperate plea catches the eye of some Kenneth Cole Rep one day! My sister also snagged a great deal on a red trench while there, a must-have color of the season. After getting a great coupon package from Kenneth Cole to save on future purchases, the night continued on with a William Rast Fashion Show on the ground floor of the mall.  Described by Justin Timberlake as a little bit of country with rock and roll, and ultimately "ideal clothing for the Rat Pack should they be around today", the clothes had a very "New America" about them, think Tommy Hilfiger of today.  Truly an underestimated line. Another stop for the night was Nordstrom, who, to my knowledge, was not having any particular thing going on for the night.  But to my surprise as I entered the building, a gentleman announced that Steve Madden was on the second floor in the shoe department.  I thought I heard him correctly, but I asked him "The Steve Madden?" Yes came the reply, and downstairs I fled to see the twisted line running through t-stands and clothes like a wild  fashion snake of people ready and waiting to see Steve.  I beheld first the sight of Steve Madden, then I took to gawking at shoes a-plenty flying past me on silver trays, being served and suggested from customer to customer by helpful Nordstrom Employees.  My eyes darted from tray to tray, when I spotted a pair of multi-colored glitter dreams, these Steve Madden Snobbie's. What do you think of them? Too Millennium  for you?

Picture from

Now, as I approached the line to get in it as I was eager to make this very famous, very popular designer's acquaintance, snap a few pics, and have him sign an autograph, I was told by Steve Madden's "People" that I was not allowed in line, as they had initiated a limit on the amount of people he would see.  I was heartbroken, and very upset.  But my fashionable mood prevailed, and I still snapped a pic of him, below :) haha!

Well, after I left Nordstrom, I wandered over to Intimissy, a bra store, where my mom made some very cute purchases. They had a delightful G.W.P., which was a commemorative bra necklace to celebrate the 100th year of the bra. I always wanted a bra charm!

And so, at the end of my shopping adventure, I made my way to J.Crew, just to check out the deals.  And since I work for J.Crew, I get a pretty sweet discount. So I check out some items and manage to find two pretty cute tops for only twenty bucks total.  Like taking candy from a baby!

Speaking of candy, that was my last purchase of the night: stopping in at the candy store in the mall made my Florida adventure seem a little more New York, remembering Dylan's Candy Bar.  It wasn't the same, but a close second. Now, that is all I have time for today, but I have much more to discuss later (like, duh, FASHION WEEK!)

What are your thoughts or opinions on Fashion Week? What did you do for Fashion's Night Out??

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