March 2, 2011

Back to the 90's!

Hello Fashion Darlings! I have been away so long, yes! But here I am again, inspired by the latest spring trends and my own fashionable findings. The best part of the spring season has been the change from dark, warm browns and yellows to the pop neon colors of the early 90's.  Yes, ladies, it's time to revisit your wardrobe and pull out those neon pants and lacy socks you use for your Halloween costumes and start wearing them to work! I have seen so many classy combinations of colors and styles, my favorite being from designer Buffalo David Bitton.  His neon pants come in purple (my favorite) orange and pink, and can all be found at Macy's (unfortunately, I was unable to find a link on his personal website or to the pants, but several magazines, including Glamour and Cosmo have listed his styles). The best part about the neon pants? Combining it with a neon top is not a faux pas! Yes, now is your time to step up the chic with head-to-toe color, including makeup. The latest eye wear has been loud-and-proud purples, blues, and yellows to highlight the eyes. My favorite shades are the pigmented ones from MAC Cosmetics and Bobby Brown and Channel. I am all about orange nails right now as well, and my favorite orange-red can be found for less than a dollar from NYC called Tangerine Creme.  Not into the whole bright nails thing, but a sucker for classic red?  I have the perfect solution: Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish is your best friend.  I snagged one in Ruby Slipper and it is phenomenal for indoor/outdoor wear.  It goes on clear with glitter, but when you step outside, the color changes with the help of UV rays right before your eyes. 
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The other various trends right now include mixing up laces (shoe laces that is; a pair of your favorite saddle shoes or sneakers can be perked up with a fun color or extra wide bow), mixing sequins and glitter (this trend is a little has-been for me) and of course, a spring-time stand-by, coral and turqouise.  Yet after confirming my worst fear of the fashion season, I can no longer avoid it.  While the 90's pops of color have a rule on the season, it's the outlines I'm worried about. According to Cosmo Magazine the March Issue, "The Key New Shapes" include Long and Flowy, Head to Toe Tailored, Chunky on Top, Jagged Asymmetry, A Bare Midsection, Skinny Knits, and Wide-Leg Jeans. What does this mean? Yes, it's true: the Millennium Fashions have returned. Remember those peasant sleeves? And kerchief hemlines? And bare stomachs? I'm more hopeful of this trend the second time around. The whole future fashion trend has potential.  But if you're more daring, try pairing any of these with a fun colored-hat, or accessorize with a new form of transportation.

In the meantime, the Spring is here! How fabulous! I absolutely adored the Gucci presentation for Spring 11; colorful pants and skirts with bright blazers and gold accents; a combination of Old Hollywood and chic architecture. I've been ready for this look since fall. With that Old Hollywood glam, I have to mention my love of Art Deco again, and my favorite artist of the period, Erte.  His work is inspiring, dramatic, and fanciful.  I was looking for designers who may have pulled ideas from his work, and stumbled upon Ohne Titel's spring 2009 collection. Yes, it may be old, but it does have some of the most architecturally inspired pieces I've come across.  Take a look:
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The strong lines, the combination of delicate prints on sheers, the gathering and draping in stark contrast ot the formulated pleats; all come together in this collection.  Compare this with Erte's work:

Similar, no? I have two book recommendations for you, if you are interested, dear reader.  The first is 100 Years of Fashion Illustration, a book containing the styles and techniques of designers and illustrators alike.  It will inspire and inform, an excellent book to have for a collection or coffee table.  The next is Erte at Ninety, a book highlighting the artist's pitfalls and perfections, an interesting overall read of one artist to another.  It's maddening to read how effortless and flawless his ability was.  It is with that I leave you, my favorite fashionable darlings!


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