August 25, 2011

Big Girls, Don't Cry!

Hello my fashionable dolls! I am here to share some interesting links I stumbled upon while browsing the internet.  Coincidentally enough, they both discuss plus-size clothes, and as a subject matter that rarely gets any press at all, I feel compelled to regurgitate it.

So first up, I found this very interesting article as American Apparel is marketing a very chic size 12 as they encourage girls to post pictures of their "plus-sized" selves.  People can then rank the beauties by how "booty-ful" they may be.  The contest is all in efforts to select a new plus-sized model from the mix. Many people are weighing-in (pun intended) on this contest, debating whether or not this can be viewed as a mockery of plus-sized people, or as an effort to better expose the plus-size market.  Which do you believe it to be? In this writers opinion, the plus-sized market should be more exposed, but I don't necessarily agree with a ranking system for any model of any size.

Now on to the next subject of discussion, an article here that discusses an Australian fashion show called "Big is Beautiful", a self-proclaimed show to highlight the plus-sized clothes/models in the industry. However, while many critique the bodies of skeletal models, one Australian journalist Damian Woolbough discusses the other size of beauty " There is a place for women of all sizes in the fashion media, as seen by the positive response to a plus-size shoot with Lawley in this month'sVogue Australia, but obese models send just as irresponsible a message about the need for healthy eating and exercise as models with protruding clavicles and ribcages." The pictures can be seen on the site. What is your opinion? Healthy or obese models? Frankly, I feel the definition has been re-interpreted as to what is healthy or what is not. 

Otherwise, it's a very happy countdown to Fashion's Night Out 2011 with yours truly setting off to NYC for this years shopping extravaganza! More to come as the night gets closer. 


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