May 16, 2009


My life, dear reader, has been very unproductive lately, and has caused me to reminisce about high school days, driving around, listening to Y-100 on the radio, carefree, happy, excited. In high school, you feel scared to do something wrong. That doesn't change too much too quickly, but at least now, I feel like I am ok with doing the wrong thing. Because I am doing it, and no one is around to tell me not to. I know I may possibly regret it, but I don't mind.

As far as designing goes today, I have more than enough to do. I have slopers to make, patterns to design...I am ready to start doing something again, besides distracting myself and moping around. I have given my old self away, and starting a new me. I am optimistic about life now, I have so much to look forward to and cannot dwell on everything over and over. I am regaining strength, and am dreaming of my new life. Everyone has a path to choose, and this is mine. I can't be responsible anymore for someone else. And that feels good.

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