June 13, 2009

Let me slip into something more comfortable...

So, as I was shopping this weekend in Beverly Hills' famous Rodeo Drive, I couldn't resist the design of a Roberto Cavalli knit dress with sheer mesh on the sides. It looked like the dress Hilary Swank wore to the Oscars in 2006. But the coy way Cavalli placed the sheer just caught me off guard. Honestly, the whole collection by Cavalli was stunning, and usually is. I also happened into Armani (such nice people there, especially in the men's department). I always go in to just browse the genius behind the fit, but honestly, who wouldn't? I saw the most interesting fabric on a men's jacket: lamb and leather, perferated to create texture and a bronze-like appearance. So creative.

Side note: California needs a themesong, and you may be thinking it is the song by the Beach Boys, California Girls. But no. I have decided that is a second to the music of Hewey Lewis and the News, a.k.a. all the music from Back to the Future. Also, somewhere in there is Van Halen and Aerosmith. But let's not get too much into music here, I don't want to cause any issues among hardcore fans.

Among my shopping yesterday invovled a trip into Tiffany's. Of course the scenery is always breathtaking, but I go for the people watching. Seeing others completely immersed in the whole jewelry buying decison making process is the most fun. Women smile stupidly at every ring they try on, while every man stands with beads of sweat dripping down his face, all while the children sit and color on a giant Tiffany's gift box. Then the old people: they are disgusted at the whole process; they want to get in and get out, as if they may "catch" the excitement going on in the room.

I also drove up to what I have deemed "Bel-Air Mountain". Of course, the entire time I drove, I kept rapping the Fresh Prince song in my head, but who doesn't? You'd have to be foreign not to when you pass through those gates. It was a fun drvie, but may I please make a suggestion to you, California? Get your roads fixed. Perhaps they aren't worth fixing since earthquakes are so common, but the roads in Bel-Air should be as nice as possible, agreed?

Oh, and the excitement of shopping yesterday quite took me when I found a cute little business/date dress by BCBG Max Azria. Though, I must say on the discussion of BCBG and Herve Ledger: HL definitely needs to be seen ON rather than just on the hanger. Don't get me wrong: the designs are quite chic and are definitely as Michelle Trachtenberg says "get-back-at-your-ex-dresses." But the material and quality looks so poor on the hanger, as opposed to other designers such as Zac Posen or, again, Cavalli, that look so rich and chic already without being on a form.

My plans for today then? I think I will let the moment take me, though I am itching to get out to Sunset. Maybe tonight will be the night I get my tattoo. Tomorrow, San Diego Zoo? Disneyland? Getty's Museum? Knotts Berry Farm? Nappa Valley? Las Vegas?? Who knows?

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