June 19, 2009

California Comments

Please dear reader, understand that, I love California.

However: there are a few problems with this great state that could flaw me for life.

Example: Whatever mapquest.com says about the distance time ot travel there, multiple it by two.

If the roads are shitty, you are probably not in the hood, you are in Bel-Air.

Do not drive on the 405. Repeat: do NOT drive on the 405.

Pedestrians cross the street at any time, at the slowest pace.

There is absolutely never a place to park on the weekend no matter where you go. If you do park, you must pay, and pay dearly. And the places that there are to park, or "parking lots" are the most poorly structured places besides the roads.

The freeway ramps have a stop light before you can enter the flow of traffic. I don't understand this, and I never will. Ever.

I am really missing NY for the ease of getting around though. And for the shopping.

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