June 17, 2009

Heaven or Haven?

Hello fashion dears. My fashionable life has taken me so many places so far. Today, it took me to a magical land where all the closets at the company were mine, filled to the brim with trims and jewels and stones and pleated fabrics, at my complete and utter disposal. How did I handle it, you ask? I made rosettes. I made flowers. I made straps and chains. I made petals and blooms. I made art deco. I made romantic. I made ruched bias' and jeweled leaves. I made it all from my imagination. And you know what made it so easy? The fact that all the materials were already there, itching to be chosen, itching to be used. So that is what heaven is like.

There are many heavens to my knowledge, the first being inside the collection library of Zac Posen. The next being an intern at BCBG. The next being an employee at a major fashion magazine. Somewhere in between here is some kind of silly, girly romantic thing to say about some guy, and finally my backyard. Sometimes during spring, it is the most beautiful place on the planet. It could never be home without feeling like heaven.

I just purchased a new bikini from H&M that looks like it has Lucky Charms all over it. And I'm feeling a tad young, perhaps I will get that tattoo...a heart above my hip maybe? Maybe something more personal. I would draw something designery, but honestly, no one could mimic my work enough to be on my body, I'm such a perfectionist I would need to do the tattoo on myself. What babel am I speaking? It's too late babies, it's too late. I must sleep now, but please, have fashionable days until we speak again.


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