July 23, 2009


This title could make a very interesting story, but I alas do not have one. No, this title only reflects my date tonight: with myself. After my being terribly and deathly ill these past two days, I felt the need to refresh myself back into society and looks (not to mention taste buds) and so I ventured out into the wild also known as : Chilis. I was craving a Quesadilla Explosion salad, and it was delicious. And all the while as I ate, I was very satisifed just sitting there, alone. It was a refreshing feeling, being alone, but not lonely.

I feel capable now of doing other things on my own. I was ready and willing no doubt to go ahead and get to San Diego sans people; unfortunately, God did not see it that way.

It seems just recently that I have reached a very satisfied level within my life. And now, after spending the most money I have ever spent in my life here in California, I will retire to bed. Goodnight goodnight goodnight.

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