July 16, 2009

The Perfect Single Cocktail

I have discovered the best way to get drunk as a single girl: Ghostbusters Marathon and Funfetti cookies. You can only be completely desperate and hopeless for this to work, of course. First: make a batch of Funfetti cookies, burning the first batch naturally. The eat said burnt cookies with a ton of frosting to mask the burnt flavor. Also, listen to 80's music while cooking, it might take the ebb off the entire situation. Second: after taking your diabetic-comatose nap, wake up long enough to eat the non-burnt cookies with sprinkles and pop in the movies. There. Now you have completed the singlemost depressing thing I can ever imagine. Oh, Bill Murray, can you dish out any wittier lines in your lifetime?

After gaining ten pounds since I have been sick these past two weeks, I have deemed it necessary to go on a diet. In order to do that though, it would require a steady dedication to me NOT eating Funfetti cookies. And of course, me running like crazy every day. Hello, treadmill, it's been too long.

On a slightly less depressing note, I have been doing a bang up job at work on the photoshoots. Working with the models has been fantastic, and styling is something I don't know if I have the confidence to do.

I will end on a happy note: I have been really enjoying my time here. Once I get back into shape, I'll love it.

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