October 22, 2009


I have finally discovered an understanding for all the events in my life happening and occuring the way they did. I finally have understood my purpose here in life. The reason certain circumstances have occured, the reason why things have happened the way they have; tis no coincidence, I assure you; it is purely fate. I have finally discovered the reason why I have so many talents over so many areas, why I have takent he opportunities have in my life, why I have pursued so many different avenues: because God has determined that I will become a lifestyle brand. I completely have the talent to sing, dance, act, design, market, model, photograph, write, and improvise my way through every avenue out there. I have discovered why when I was interviewed by JCPenney they considered me a strong designer, but too varied in my desires of what it was I wanted to accomplish. The greatest feeling in life is truly understanding why you are here and what purpose everything has been for. Now, all I have to understand is how to do it. :/

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