November 2, 2009

Fashion's Latest...

Hello, my fashion babies! I have been scouring the internet (mostly for things that inspire me. So far, I have found countless items, but a few stuck out that I had to share:

This gorgeous piece, reminiscent of my favorite era, the Art Deco period.

This other inspiring piece, very sexy and very slimming. These side cowls are so fabulous!

And finally, this just made me question what the hell Lubov is thinking...

I mean...spats? I can usually handle some pretty outrageous things, but this certainly takes the cake. I feel I must draw the line at these black leather knee-high spats. Whoever thought those words would be mangled together? Green stretch cotton chest band. Thought I'd give it a shot.

In other fashionable news, my Barbie inspired Halloween costume was a great success. Here was my inspiration:

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