April 11, 2010

Glitter Is Always Girly

As someone who has breached many different job avenues--fast food, customer service, collections--none have affected my thoughts on the female sex like my time spent in retail. I have seen women make very many fashion faux-pas, but probably the most common mistake I encounter is women who think glitter is only for pre-teens and rock stars. This cannot be further from the case. Here is what I tell women who are just completely overwhelmed at the idea of wearing anything with glitter:

Glitter is Always Girly.

Now, let me set up some guidelines for that statement.

1. Glitter is lots of fun, but don't go overboard. Choose one piece on your person--shirt, shoes, headband, bangle, clutch, etc.--that contains glitter. Repeat: only one piece.

2. Glitter can be worn in makeup--bronzer, eyeshadow, lip gloss--but see guideline 1, choose only ONE and make the rest matte. You don't want to look like Barbie on steroids.

3. Glitter is never, ever to be purchased or used in the form of a powder-shimmer duster. This looks very millennium, very tacky, and very cheap. If you simply cannot live without it, only use the shimmer as a way to highlight muscles or accentuate your collar bone.

4. Glitter may be substituted for other sparkly things, like jewelry. ;)

Here are a few examples of my favorite things:

J. Crew Crushed Belt, Wallet, Headband, and Christian Louboutin Shoes: (photos from J.Crew.com, harpersbazar.com, and bleudame.com)

And if you're going with makeup with glitter, I love any Sonia Kashuk's collection for Target, in Showstopper. (Photos from poshmom.com)

That's all I can fit in for now! I will write more fashionable comments later, loves!

1 comment:

  1. oooooooooooooooooooooh I <3 Glitter....no only is it girly but its also FIERCE and glamourous....

    a hint of glitter could turn from drab to FAB!!


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