April 14, 2010

Naturally Beautiful, and a little Urban

While trolling the internet the other day, I came upon some very beautiful fashionable finds with nature in mind! Take a look, these have really inspired me in my own drawings!

These pics come from the Georgia Varidakis shop on Etsy.com They are all stunning and I can't wait to own one one day!

Just gorgeous, handcrafted pieces! Check their shop for much more!

I would also like to note my passion for the website thefashionables.com, as it is filled with stunning pictures and fun articles. Check out the one on the 15 Outrageous Shoes for 2010. I still can't get over Alexander McQueen's; they will blow your mind.

Oh, and if you haven't heard, Urban Outfitters in their last days of their famous $5 Sale; if you have been lusting over tights and hose (like I have lately, thank you very much American Apparel) UA has the best options for your budget this sale. Check out the fun prints I found (and will probably purchase). PS: Check the $2.99 sunglasses and $4.99 stockings, sweet deal!!

Photos from Urban Outfitters.com

That's all the fashion finds I have today, more "closer looks" to come soon! <3


  1. all of these pieces have a life of their own I Love it! they are so hauntingly mesmerizing!

  2. Heyyy im back! :)

    I challenge you, Christine, to widen the definition of beauty in your community!
    Do you accept? Or are you comfortable with the narrow definition of beauty today?
    Chk out my post for my details -- http://theoutfitmaker.blogspot.com/2010/04/redefine-beauty-in-your-community-blog.html


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