May 6, 2010

My Adventures in NY and in Design

So it HAS been a very fashionable month, since I last updated. I went to NY for job interviews, I sketched, colored, and Illustrated like crazy, and even proceeded to accomplish my own photoshoot ("Look Ma, no hands!"). It's been a whirlwind of a month, and I will post pictures of my creations soon. And while in NY, yours truly was taken on a fashionable adventure through the land of Marc Jacobs: after interviewing with them, being shown around MJ (all three floors), I had the pleasure of meeting Marc Jacobs. It was very interesting, to see how wrong my perceptions and notions were. It was also a huge relief: I had a terrible idea in my head that he would be liken to an egoistical fashion dictator, but he was quite reserved. And while I though this office would be covered in paintings, pictures of past creations or inspirations, giant mood boards, clothes: it was the exact opposite, filled with nothing but white walls and a desk. It was fabulous to think that Marc Jacobs' ideas are entirely in his head, unaltered by the outside and public opinion. How wonderfully refreshing.

While in NY I was also fortunate enough to acquire some Marc Jacobs pieces, a pink chain necklace, spiral bracelet, and playful rubber earrings.
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While at Marc Jacobs, I also fell in love with the prints, I am very inspired to work on my own ideas. Those will be soon to post.

Right before I departed for NY, Target released the Zac Posen Collection for Target, in stores now. It was a collection I had literally been anticipating for months. However, to my bitter disappointment, my first impression was blase; the clothes were not designed to look "Zac Posen." Everything created was not new and innovative in any way. And he even went so far as to do the mundane, scribbling his name on a tank top; can fashion suffer any more? However, if you are interested in having
"Zac" written on your chest, the tank is available in both black and white. This line was by far the least creative venture I have seen produced by my favorite designer.
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And now, here are a few of my latest designs:

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