October 31, 2011

Indian Inspirations

Trick or Treat, Darlings?

I say Treat! Trending right now is the tribal look, and with Halloween upon us, I was more than inspired to become an Indian. And with me was my boyfriend, Nerd News Now's own Michael Bartley as my Cowboy. Creating my own costume was fun, but I was beyond inspired to create a new line of sketches based off my latest craze appropriately dubbed: Cowboys v Indians. You can see the start of my sketches below, darlings, and of course my own Indian costume.

Some possible fabric ideas.

How to get the Tribal/Indian look:
-feather jewelry
-fur accents (I liked this sweater from BCBGeneration)
-animal patterns (like my Kate Spade purse pictured below)
-geometric patterns or motifs
-fringe skirt or poncho
-primary color beads
-spirit animal (my was the jaguar)

How to get the Cowboy look:
-cowboy boots
-paisley kerchief
-pair of levi's
-cowboy hat
-riding gloves
-leather accents

Ok darlings, I have to fly for now, but I will include more in this post later, and how I was able to construct my own Spirit Hood, and how you can follow the steps to make one for less money!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Thanks for the namedrop! Nice post! It's really very awesome how you're able to make a beautiful costume out of materials! Congratulations on making your first ever 100%-Christine-Created Halloween costume!!

  2. Very impressive...FYI I actually found your information on one of the link exchange sites and thought I would make it work for ya but then I saw your blog and am quite impressed! Mine is not quite as polished and pretty. http://craftymountainmama.blogspot.com


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