October 11, 2011

Vacation Vixen!

Darlings! The Monocle has returned from vacay, and has many inspiring snapshots of fashionable photos from her trip! I even delved into a closet or two before leaving on my trip to procure a stylish accent or two with thanks to Mother Monocle. So much happening in the fashion world, so let's start discussing!

I was traveling to Virginia, a two hour flight, and needed some major comfy clothes. What did I wear, you ask? How about some leggings and a super-soft, over-sized pullover from Escada? Pair that with some fashionable feather jewelry, and my Florida flip-flops (though I would have preferred boots), and my black winter coat from ideeli.com, and you have yourself a Fashion Monocle! Thus ends day 1 of my vacation!

Day 2 included a wine tour of the country, and with it being in the 60's, I wanted to make sure to wear something warm, but that I could take off if I got too hot. Mother Monocle's cardigan to the rescue! I wore a wool scarf and black track suit, though I would have changed the pants for some jeans instead.  Otherwise, I was set and ready to become a sommelier!

Day 3 included a Murder Mystery Dinner, the most exciting dinner of the week! I decided to wear my latest infinity dress creation, and all eyes were on me as I waltzed into Conference Room A. This is not a dress for the faint of heart.
Day 4 boasted a wine tasting, and a taste of fashion is what I gave those people! A stunning navy number and gold accents? Can you say chic?

Day 5 was a zip-line tour and a trip to the underground caverns. With lots of physical exercise, I decided a low-maintenance look was best, so I donned my workout gear, including shorts/sneaks and a t-shirt and jacket.  A few accessories jazzed the look up, and my favorite orange Kate Spade purse was never far from my reach, an instant color-pop that makes a wow statement and classes up any outfit.

I wanted to pass on a couple of my other favorite travel tips, but would love to hear about any of yours as well! Below are a few of my suggestions:

-Try and plan outfits and outfit variables before the trip
-Pack items that may be used interchangeably
-Utilize one or two pieces of classic statement jewelry for the trip's duration
-Carefully separate a couple of twenties and stash AWAY from your wallet; this makes for easier haggling when you say "I only have x amount of dollars"
-Black purses/shoes/dresses are never like the ones your already own; go ahead and buy it
-An oversized t-shirt/sweater, leggings, booties, arm-purse, sunglasses and pony-tail are instant chic
-Roll clothing for much easier packing, don't fold
-Save space in your carry-on for travel purchases
-Always use the excuse: I don't know if I'll ever see one like it again

And with the surroundings of Virginia, it wasn't difficult to be inspired for fall fashions. The textures, colors, and lighting all made for a very easy wardrobe inspiration. Below are a few fall photos you may find inspiring!

A J.Crew inspired look with a Kate Spade Purse and Levi's light wash denim.

Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs Inspired Look

No one tops a butterfly inspiration like McQueen.

Here are some more interesting textures and silhouettes from my trip. Do you have any fashion suggestions for these? 

With all the fresh air and exercise, a good R&R is needed! I'm off until the world of fashion brings my fingers to keyboard, darlings! Stay fashionable!


  1. You look especially beautiful in that black dress. If I wasn't such a nerd, and so shy towards women, I'd definitely ask you out to a late night rendezvous at IHOP, and then the next day, I might even cook dinner for you. In any case, you look beautiful, and you did an amazing job on making that infinity dress. I'm sure you'll look good in it for all eternity.

  2. Love this post. My 1 item I always take with me on vacation, no matter what the weather is, are my leggings! They are the most comfortable during travel time and the most versatile legwear for when I arrive :)



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