October 2, 2011

The Infinity Dress!

Darlings! My latest creation (that I knocked off) was the infinity dress, made popular by designers and companies alike these days. What is an infinity dress, you ask? Well, also going by the names convertible or transformer, the dress maintains the same basic skirt, but can be worn an insurmountable variety of ways by using two "straps" that are quite long. Take a look at this diagrams below:

So, as you can see, this was a very compelling idea, and while I found it online for sale, I thought to myself: "Monocle, you have design skills AND a Jo-Ann's Coupon. Why not get yourself some fabric and make one for yourself?" Well I tell you that's exactly what I did darlings, and don't regret it for a single moment! It was a fun process, and while many different styles exist with the dress--some with a fuller skirt, some with shorter skirt--I was happy to be customizing my own! And as far as colors go, I can't recommend anything more classic than bold black or classic red.
I always was a fan of the one-shouldered look!

So what do you think, darlings? An easy enough outfit for all your clothing needs? I think so! And if you can't make one, just try DKNY, they seem to have made an interesting version for their own collection.

That's it for now, fashionable followers! More soon to come on my travel tales to Virginia!


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