October 3, 2011

Color Splashing Into Fall!

Darlings! Another day, another post! And what with the new weather changes occurring over the country, fall is here and in the air! Perhaps it's my own personal preference, or maybe it's just really trending right now, but who else is not afraid to bust out some awesome color-blocking/splashing fashions this fall? A look that would be subject more to the warming of the season rather than the cooling down. But fearless females like myself are taking to the streets in our crayon-inspired looks, and frankly, I'm loving it!

Saks Fifth Avenue has been my go-to store for my bright needs, and with my Kate Spade shoes and bag from a few posts back, the looks are really coming together. The best part about investing in a few new hues? A return of impact! And the really best part? Solid brights really perk up an otherwise dull wardrobe, and are in vogue every season!  Take a look at some of the finds I was able to scope out online from Catherine Malandrino and Diane von Furstenberg to name a few.
Those are just a few fun styles, but if your budget doesn't allow shopping at Saks, try a label called 5\48. It's a rare gem to track down, but when you do locate this label, take a close look at some of the above images you see, and you might find them for hundreds less from this brand, famous for making replicas of designer duds! I appreciate the lower price point, and while I may be sacrificing country of origin, or more luxe materials, my wallet again appreciates the savings on washing polyester at home v silk at the dry cleaners. I also tried a brand tagged as "A" New York (as it reads on the dress label) but have been unsuccessful searching for it via Google. But the dress is quite stunning and with a price of just $60, I walked away a happy woman! You can see for yourself the photo below:
And here again is my green and blue dress, purchased months ago, all in preparation for this striking new trend!

Creativity flows when you are surrounded (body and mind) with an eye-full of color. (Speaking of Color Splash, for any of my avid home-fashion lovers who watch HGTV, I also love the way colors are used in that show! So inspiring!) So put on your best and brightest for fall, and keep checking back for updates on my travels to Virginia this week, the Monocle will be out and about in some of fall's most fantastic foliage, not to mention some fun fall fashions!


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