January 3, 2012

Fashion Tips and Reviews

First of all, Fashion Darlings, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Second, I would like to begin this blog by saying I do not agree with Vogue's Best Dressed Magazine.

Shocked? Surely Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour did not make a mistake! Well, after reading the magazine cover to cover, I discovered some irrepressible faux-pas. First off, the cover of the magazine boasts "Dynamic Duos", a sister feature, where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are mentioned along with Catherine and Pippa Middleton, Dakota and Elle Fanning, and Beyonce and Solange Knowles. Why weren't eclectic sister-duo Zooey and Emily Deschanel mentioned? I think some credit is due there, namely for the fact that they are not only trendy, style-inclined sisters, but they also are incredibly creative, a talent that requires (in this writer's eyes) to be mentioned! And especially this year, with both sisters success in television, I think it definitely deserves some notion. Here are a few picture examples as to why the sisters should be included:

Second, I have to say that while Vogue managed to hit the nail on the head with some style icons, especially the nice transformation of funny girl Emma Stone, they managed to leave out such trendy idols as Coco Rocha. Since her wedding first debuted in 2010, Coco Rocha has been a captivating model for her adoring audience. She is not only a fashion model, muse, and wife, but she is also down-to-earth and can relate more to the common person than model Tyra Banks any day. She is fun, quirky, and smart, with an appreciation not only for high-fashion, but also for mainstream brands like J.Crew and Zara. Her updates on her blog, http://oh-so-coco.tumblr.com/ leave us wanting more. I mean, what model would post a picture of her nose as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? 

Lastly, such beauties as Mila Kunis, Katie Holmes, and Rachel Bilson should have made the cut in favor of Michelle Williams. And snooze-fest Pippa Middleton:  Don't get me wrong, darlings, I love the dear sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, and her style is fantastic. But, of course it would be; she is the sister of a Duchess! If my sister was a Duchess, I'd look pretty damn good too! To me, while she isn't royalty, Mila Kunis expressed poise and grace accepting invitation to--and attending--the Marine's Military Ball. How classy! 

On a side note, I have spotted some trends I would like to mention in regards to jewelry; there is something classic and worldly about owning jewelry from other countries.  I have stumbled across two such examples within days of each other, the first being an Egyptian hieroglyph necklace, and the second a Greek antique-finish necklace. Now an easy way to incorporate foreign jewelry without traveling is to either raid your mother's jewelry box, or snag some of your own using this Egyptian Jewelry website Nilestone. And get your Greek on at GreekJewelryShop. If you prefer some handcrafted vendors, check out this necklace by SilverBlueberry and this one by PiecesOfll.

And here are a few Fashion New Year's Resolutions to consider:
-Be confident in yourself and what you wear; if you feel uncomfortable, than you will look uncomfortable.
-Embrace classic clothing and try trendy accessories; they cost a lot less than a new wardrobe.
-Try a Spanx or two; you may enjoy it.
-Embrace some lace: add a touch to a t-shirt, skirt hem, or sleeve, it's a nice way to keep it classy.
-Try turquoise: did you know it will keep you anti-inflamed and protected? (At least that's what the Native Americans believe).
-Go to a bra fitting ladies: 80-85% of you are wearing the wrong size! That means back problems and posture issues.

Hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year!

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