January 12, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Wear Stylish Workout Clothes!

Whether you are trying to stick to a resolution or just look super awesome when shaking your booty, a bright fun-colored workout outfit is a must this year! One of my resolutions that actually started before this year (so I would be prepared to work on it this year) was to lose weight and of course be more current with Fashion Monocle.

Every Fashionable Follower should have awesome workout gear and accessories to stay current and keep to resolutions, as well as a killer playlist! First off, let's talk clothes:
I love these bright-colored (and super-duper comfortable) sports bras from Champion and VS Pink.

These Champion reversible shorts are genius; color-coordinating just got that much easier!

Must-have bright colored sneakers from Adidas; I prefer their comfort (and prices!) to Nike.

Now to put those clothes to use:
A mini-gym at home starts with one thing, and grows with your dedication to the resolution!

Best way to keep a resolution is to keep it fresh: gear up and get out there for anything! When you get bored, you get lazy! I asked Santa this year for a punching bag, and when you combine that with a trampoline, you get:
My super fantastic punch-jump routine!

Did you know...?
The best way to beat the blues is to workout. It also staves off getting colds by boosting your immunity! Plus, with all my tips for looking fashionable, you can't help but wear awesome workout gear to help you get moving! And if you can't workout solo? Your local YMCA and city guide will most likely offer monthly classes, not to mention gyms like LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and other gyms will offer the first day, week, or even month free of charge! I recommend a spinning class because you can control the levels you push yourself at, followed with a cool-down in yoga. And if you love to dance? I once took a hip-hop aerobics class in college, and, well, the routine was something like this...:

And for more motivation? Take your peepers to http://downtownn.tumblr.com/, a great place to get motivation!  Make sure to take in some awesome tunes for your i-pod, because according to statistics, music makes up almost have of our motivation. If you keep the music going, you can keep getting giggy with it. And for the ultimate motivation? Try working in some cool runners magazines, or Health magazine, or my newest one: 21 Days Belly Melt Workout!
Last but not least, don't forget to take time; it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. :)

Fashionable Followers, I wish you the best New Year!


  1. Brilliant post and fantastic blog! Really cool!!! :-) Have a great weekend!


  2. Thank you!! I am really trying to get more followers! :) thanks for looking darling!

  3. Really liked your stylish workout gear. Will buy colorful and stylish best workout clothes. Looking for some great discount offers on them. Want to purchase for my sister too. Hope will find reliable store where can have them on good price.


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